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Gardening Rules (print version)

Gardening Rules:



Priority is given to returning gardeners each new season. Prior to the start of the season (usually January or February), each household is allowed to request up to  two (2) garden plots that were reserved the previous season. Requests for more than two plots will be filled based on availability.  Once gardeners have had an opportunity to renew, registration is opened up to new gardeners and plots are filled on a first come, first served basis. Payment must be received by April 1st in order for plots to be held.



Starting in 2016 the PCCC Community garden will be organic.  The use of artificial pesticides and/or fertilizers are not allowed in the garden plots.  



If you choose not to use your garden plot, contact the church immediately so the plot may be reassigned to the waiting list. If the garden is claimed by another gardener prior to June 15, your fee will be refunded. There will be NO refunds after June 15.



The rental fee for a single garden plot is $40; checks payable to “PCCC”. This fee is used for soil preparation, such as tilling, addition of compost, water, garden improvements and related items.  Payment and signed form(s) need to be received by April 1.  Plots will be made available to waiting list gardeners if payment is not received.



The target date for opening is May 15 but due to weather & soil conditions this may vary. Households will be notified when the garden plots are officially open.



Email will be the preferred method of mass communication to all households regarding dates, deadlines, events, updates, etc. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your garden plot, please respond by email and/or call.



Separate waste receptacles will be provided for both trash & compostable materials. Please observe the differences so that additional sorting is not required.



Water spigots and hoses are provided by the Church. One set of spray nozzles will be provided at the beginning of the season. If a nozzle breaks or malfunctions, do not discard but rather notify church and they will be replaced.



(Please initial each section to indicate that you have read and agree)


•Gardeners are not allowed to enter; remove produce, leaves, or material from; or otherwise interact with plots which are being rented by other gardeners.     _____

•Due to the nature of this community garden, gardeners and guests are asked to be respectful of other gardens, church grounds and residential neighbors. Garden hours are 6AM-10PM with quiet hours from 6AM-8AM and 8PM-10PM.  We ask that during quiet hours extra attention is given to not making noise that may disturb our residential neighbors.     _____

•Contact with the church child care center or neighborhood children will not be tolerated.     _____

•Do not allow vine crops to extend beyond your plot’s boundaries. Return hoses in a uniform manner to hangers.     _____

•Children must be supervised.     _____

•Pets and alcohol are NOT allowed.     _____

•The use of synthetic chemicals for weed and pest control is not permitted.  Neither is the use of artificial fertilizer to promote growth allowed   _____




Gardeners will be responsible for the weeding/maintenance of their plot(s). Gardens must be kept free of weeds. If any garden has not been planted by June 25 and  the owner has not made contact/provisions with the church to extend the deadline, those gardens will be reassigned to those on the waiting list. Additionally, the church will inspect all gardens regularly to ensure compliance. Gardeners not performing maintenance will be notified to rectify the situation within two (2) weeks. Further non-compliance will result in the garden being mowed. The offending household will lose community gardening privileges for the following year. Gardeners will be allowed to reapply (as new gardeners) after their one (1) year absence.



Fencing will not be provided by the church.  Due to the need for accessibility by large machinery for tilling and maintenance, permanent fencing is not an option.  Gardeners are free to provide temporary fencing for their plots as long as there is no encroachment upon neighboring plots.  Fencing must be removed at the end of the growing season.



Although traps are generally discouraged, certain pests may need to be controlled by trapping. Gardeners preferring to use traps must enclose their plot(s) with fencing on all four sides and place signage warning others that traps may be found in the plot(s). Poisons are NOT allowed.



The church is unable to provide restroom access for gardeners.  There may be porta-potties available at the nearby park (west of the church at the end of 41st Ave. N).



Any extra garden plots may be maintained by the church with the expressed purpose of supplying fresh produce to local food shelves. Additionally, gardeners are encouraged to donate excess produce in the designated containers, which will be delivered to local food shelves by the Church.  10% of harvest is recommended.



The target date for closing is October 15, but due to weather & soil conditions this may vary from year to year. Households will be notified when the garden plots are officially closed and given ample time to clean up their plot(s).



Please remove all non-compostable items. Items not claimed will become the property of PCCC and be disposed of as needed.  

Gardens containing plants with large stalks such as corn need to have stalks removed by the renting gardener.



The church reserves the right to change these rules as situations change.  Prompt notice will be given.


Thank you!  And have fun!



I have read and agree to abide by the Plymouth Creek Christian Church Community Garden rules.



(signature)                                            (date)




(please print your name)







Plymouth Creek Christian Church

16000 41st Avenue North

Plymouth, MN 55446-2500